Clean Eating For Your Health

Nutritional Therapy Introduction

The cells of the body produce molecules, and most molecules have an equal number of electrons, which are therefore stable. But an electron and a race to steal an electron in free radicals or to donate an extra electron. Free radial work is to convert food and oxygen into energy, and in the healthy body, it usually disappears in microseconds.

However, many of you, by age, disease or external sources such as cigarette smoke or pollution, can slowly destroy the body and get rid of healthy cells from the electrons. It is now believed that their sanitation measures have a role in causing damage to cancer, heart disease, and immune system. The body is free radicals that have antioxidant resistance.

This, too, will have backup electrons which donate cells that are attacked by free radicals. Antioxidants are good for good health, improving your diet, you are healthy and more efficient this war system. Studies have suggested that the drugs of vitamin E and beta-carotene can reduce prostate cancer deaths by 34 percent; 21 percent of stomach cancer, and cancer of 13 percent.

Food rich in antioxidants Keep your heart healthy, help reduce stroke and extend your aging life. It is wise to see a doctor before starting a vitamin and mineral supplement. High levels of vitamins and zinc can be harmful.

The Importance of a Protein Rich Diet


In order to consume a balanced diet, we have all the nutrients we need for our bodies, such as fat, carbohydrates, and proteins in our body. A protein-rich diet is not only for people who want to develop muscles but also for those who want to lose weight. By controlling essential amino acids in the muscles, bones, skin, organs, and blood, protein, cuts, and abrasions will absorb the blood properly to heal quickly. Protein helps to produce hormones, produces enzymes that regulate the antibodies and chemical reactions in the body. A diet rich in protein has also been shown to increase the benefits of exercise, which makes the weight loss plans even better. To find out more about a protein-rich diet, it is important to take the protein in the diet first. Some protein-rich foods include eggs, milk, tofu, yogurt, fish, cheese, roast beef or chicken.

How do you go to create a good portion of protein? Here are some ideas for your meal: For breakfast, boiled or boiled eggs are a great choice to eat eggs. Baked beans are also a delicious breakfast. Connect this to a glass of milk and you have a great breakfast filled with protein. Think about a roast chicken served like spinach, tomato, cucumber with a light cloth – for lunch. This is a great protein diet, which has enough energy to eat when you go for dinner. For dinner – some beans boil or eat them directly. You can eat some ground beef hamburgers; Try to use beef on the lean ground for a healthy will. For snacks – young kids may have some peanut butter in a salad or a plain or fruit yogurt. Plan your food in various foods to get a healthy, delicious and satisfying protein-rich diet.

Food Planning and Shopping

The Importance of a Protein Rich Diet

Focus on your shopping. When you’re in the store, it’s your job. Take a list of foods you plan to buy for the week. Remember the purpose of the menu and purpose. Ignore the sudden views, remember your planned expenses and go with that plan. This is a good idea to eat before going to the market. If you’re hungry, you may be more likely to buy more light foods than you need.

Read stickers, check unit price and buy quality for your purposes. Private or “home” brands generally cost less than brands. Remember that you are not for food and beauty for food.

The US Department of Agricultural Output is a useful reference to the budget, list planning and shopping for “your money value for foods”. Each food and table price table are different prices range from the price range. The cost of each meal is very important when it comes to the meat shop.

After shopping, go straight home. Do the non-food tasks before reaching the supermarket. As soon as possible and without proper attention, the perishable goods quickly lose nutritional value.

Carefully store and store the food. It is best to keep non-extinct items in unused containers in cold and dark places. After opening, say some items cool – label. Cover carefully and then list all the unused foods. Food collection will not be left behind for use only. Nutritional values may be lost in the wrong storage.

Foods will be destroyed if nutrients are lost, resulting in poor planning waste. Try to cook the right amount of food, and if you leave too much food, use it immediately.

The Benefits of Green Drinks

Eat your greens! … well known sound

Green drinks are a great way to get some of your daily vegetables. Green drinks are usually one or more of the following: wheatgrass, spirulina, chlorella, barley grass, broccoli and, lettuce. Generally, to improve sexuality, various fruit juices are mixed with the greens.

There are claims that a shot of wheatgrass is equal to a kilogram of vegetables. There is no scientific research to support this. Of course, drinking habits are certainly beneficial.

There are many greens available for drinks, various enzymes, phytochemicals, and nutrients.

In particular, wheatgrass contains 70% chlorophyll. Chlorophyll gives green pigments and has many advantages to humans. Studies have shown that chlorophyll helps in red blood cells, healing wounds and the formation of antioxidant/anti-inflammatory properties.

Spirulina, spinach, chlorella, broccoli and barely grilled with vitamins, minerals, and phytochemicals. It helps to save people from various illnesses including heart disease, arterial damage, premature maturity, and cancer.

Wheatgrass juice may be as good as a shot of vegetables, but it has enough fruits to earn your time and hard work.

Get your correction on any health food store or online greens. You can buy this blonde powder or dress with juice.

One of my favorite pre-made fruit juices is called green machine by Naked Juice.

The cheapest way to go with your own mixture. A large container will last a month and will spend a portion of bottles of bottled drinking each day.

Sources of Dietary Fiber

Fiber is one of the most important foods that you can add to your regular diet. Many of the fiber health benefits are:

– It helps to keep the intestine healthy and reduces the risk of constipation and pain – a diet rich in fiber helps reduce bad cholesterol – helps maintain your complete fiber,

If you are affected by constipation, stomach captivity, or irregular bowel movements, then the fiber can help reduce symptoms. The good news is that it’s not really hard to eat your fair share of your fiber. You must know the fiber’s health sources and add them to your regular dietary habits as much as possible.

Whole grains – These can come in bread, pasta, rice and so on. Select the whole grain products and get the highest fiber in your diet. 2. Beans 3. Nuts 4. Most types of seeds are usually fiber rich. Several types of seeds are available, such as herpes, lens, rapeseed and flaxseed. 5. Nuts – Variety of nuts, such as walnuts, brown and almonds. 6. Any kind of fruit and vegetables are very rich in fiber. This is one of the benefits of eating lots of fruits and vegetables, but this is an important one.

Fiber diet helps you stay healthy. It can help you lose weight or make sure you do not get anything. Try to add a few fiber foods to each of your meals and you can get your daily dose without much hassle.

Belly Fat Blasting Foods

Fat blasting foods

The following 5 foods have been shown to help reduce overall body fat and help you find those good looking ABS under that stomach fat.


About 70% of our body is water. It helps our physical functions and functions including our metabolism. Drinking water drinks a lot of drinking water, absorbing excess sodium, which causes crushed feelings, cleans our system of toxicity, and pumps the lipstick before it is stored.

Ensure that your body is well hydrated will prevent you from getting hungry and lower your overall calorie intake.

Spicy foods (hot peppers, etc.)

Spicy foods are shown to increase body temperature and increase your metabolism. In particular, the hypercube has a chemical called capsaicin, which increases your metabolism, which has increased in calories. Try adding a few jalapenos on your salad or chili a week in a healthy bowel.

Olive oil

Olive oil is made of good fat (mono-saturated fats). There are many advantages, including olive oil, food strain control, by lowering fat and burning LDL cholesterol levels. In fact, olive oil is very useful, some people take a shot every morning and base it whole foods! If you are not ready, try making a slash out of an olive oil for a snack.

Slim meats

Muscle meats are high in protein, which build muscles. Your metabolic rate increases and muscles are used to help burn calories. You can eat lean meat like chicken breast, fish, turkey, and steak slash. All of these are high protein proteins and help to boost your immune system. Try at least 3 to 4 servings per week for lean meats.


Pectin is shown to break the grapes of the grapes. They help to reduce cholesterol and improve fat metabolism. The fruit of the vine is for breakfast or for a day.